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When a Loved One Dies

When a loved one dies

The passing of someone you care about can be such a difficult and stressful time; take some comfort that we are here to help you every step of the way.

If someone passes away at home

A doctor must be called to verify death before we can attend, but you are welcome to contact us before the doctor arrives, to make us aware of your bereavement. Once medically certified we will usually be able to attend within one hour.

If someone passes away in hospital or a care / residential home

Musgrove Park – The hospital’s Bereavement Support team will arrange authorisation for your loved one to be collected and will organise certification to directly transfer to the registrar.

Local Hospital or Care / Residential home – Each establishment has a different procedure, however we will be called direct by the hospital or care home (in most cases, by your instruction). If the time of day is appropriate, we will call the next of kin to make them aware that we have collected their loved one, who is now safely back at our Chapel of Rest.

Unexpected deaths

If someone passes away unexpectedly, or without seeing a doctor in the preceding 14 days, the death will be referred to the coroner. This does not necessarily mean a post mortem will take place. Different procedures apply to different scenarios, each of which will be explained by the coroner’s officer or funeral director. Unexpected deaths are dealt with by the police and a funeral director who holds a contract with the coroner. You are under no obligation to use the funeral director that attended the death.