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Registering a Death

Registering a death

This is the only aspect of the funeral process that we cannot perform on your behalf. However, we can make an appointment with the Register for you, and even accompany you to your appointment if this would be helpful.

Registration is based on a hierarchy system; the next of kin is deemed ‘most qualified’ for registration followed by family, then friends and any person who was present at death. There are three Register offices in West Somerset. It is a legal requirement for the death to be registered in the same district (county) as where the death occurred.

Register Offices:

The Library, Bancks Street, Minehead

Tuesday 0900 – 1500
Thursday 0900 – 1500

Becket House, Williton

Monday 1200 – 1700
Wednesday 0930 – 1230
Friday 0930 – 1230

The Old Municipal Building,
Corporation Street, Taunton

Monday – Friday 0900 – 1730

To make an appointment call 01823 282251, then state the Register office you wish to visit. Alternatively, you can book appointments online by clicking the link below.
If the death occurred in another county, or you wish to register the death in a different district, ask your funeral director to explain ‘registration by declaration’.

*Involvement of the Coroner requires slightly different paperwork

What you need in order to register

  • Medical Cause of Death certificate – issued by doctor
  • Medical Card or National Insurance number of deceased
  • Identification for the person registering

What might be helpful to take

  • Passport of the deceased
  • Driving licence of the deceased
  • Any paperwork relating to state benefits or pension of the deceased
  • Other documentation such as Library Card, Bus Pass, Disability badge of the deceased

What you will receive

  • ‘Tell us once’ system – An opportunity to notify any government paid or provided service. g. state pension, benefits, Council Tax
  • Registrar’s Certificate (Green) for Burial/Cremation; to be issued to the funeral director
  • Death Certificates – Issued at £11 per copy. Required for bank accounts, solicitors, investments etc.

When registering, please ensure you check the certificates issued thoroughly. Be mindful of spelling errors as this can cause complications when you have to present the death certificates in future.